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The Journey Onwards

Podcaster: Anand Dattani

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • Writing her father's memoir 

  • Understanding and 'appreciating' our previous generations' struggles (and vice versa?)

  • What it means to be a 'positive disruptor' (the topic of her Tedx talk)

  • Navigating an East Africa, Indian and Pakistani identity in a Catholic school

  • The key to becoming a better communicator within different communities

  • How to become free of who you think you're meant to be 


1-on-1 With Noreen Nasim

Podcaster: Leo Adley

Amir Majothi had an ideal childhood in Uganda. That is, until dictator, Idi Amin decreed that all Ugandan Asians had 90 days to leave the country or risk death. Writer Noreen Nasim documents the frightening events of her father's escape from the violence and rule of a bloodthirsty despot. Join me as I discuss this beautifully crafted narrative that highlights the experiences of one man's escape from Amin's tyrannical rule of Uganda.

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Podcaster: Dolar Vasani

Interviewees: Amir Majothi & Noreen Nasim

In this episode, Amir Majothi speaks about his carefree life in Uganda and how everything turned upside down for his family when he was 19 years old. In 2019, his daughter Noreen Nasim was inspired to write the story of her father after watching a BBC documentary. In 2021, Noreen published the book, Expelled from Uganda. This episode is about their respective journeys and is in both Gujarati and English.


Author Talk
Danum Library - Doncaster

Filmed by Oliver Reeve

Here's a quick trailer to Noreen's talk at Danum Library on chronicling family history. Noreen shares her enthusiasm for great writing and how she educated herself on the art of storytelling. As a professional Author, Tedx speaker and Lecturer, Noreen shares her tips and tricks in attempting creating writing projects.