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About Noreen Nasim

Noreen is a debut novelist, having released her father's memoir in May 2021. Her father, Amir, is an expat from the 1972 Ugandan Asian expulsion, ordered by President Idi Amin. Writing wasn't always something she had intended to pursue. Noreen has led a successful and ongoing career for a over a decade in the field of further education as a Lecturer, specialising in Digital Arts and Creative Media. 

Ever since having deep rooted conversations with her father of his experiences, she decided it was high time his story was documented. Noreen took to seeking writing courses and mentors who assisted her in finding her feet within the writing community. She joined a local writer's group in Sheffield, where she had the pleasure of having her poems published in an anthology. 

After the success of her debut novel and Amazon best seller, Expelled from Uganda, Noreen delivered her very first Tedx Talk in Doncaster, October 2021, focusing on the theme 'Positive Disruptor' where she discussed the role of positive disruption within the Ugandan Asian community, along with how it has shaped her own life choices.

She is also working closely on the 50th Anniversary legacy project of the Ugandan Asian expulsion, and working hard to inspire a new generation of writers.

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