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About Noreen Nasim

Noreen, an international novelist, released her father Amir's memoir in May 2021, chronicling his experiences as an expat affected by the 1972 Ugandan Asian expulsion. Despite a successful career as a Lecturer of Digital Industries, Noreen found inspiration in her father's story, prompting her to pursue writing.

Driven by a desire to document her father's narrative, Noreen immersed herself in the world of literature before finally releasing her debut novel, 'Expelled from Uganda,' which became a best seller. Her success led to her first Tedx Talk in October 2021, centered around the theme 'Positive Disruptor.' Within the talk, she explored the impact of positive disruption within the Ugandan Asian community and its influence on her own life choices. 

Noreen played a pivotal role in the 50th Anniversary legacy project of the Ugandan Asian expulsion in the UK.

Currently, she is dedicated to fostering the art of storytelling and self expression amongst the next generation, ensuring that important narratives continue to be shared and celebrated.

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